About Attorney Denny Dobbins

Denny has been an attorney for more than 30 years helping individuals and families through difficult life situations and planning for future protection against all sorts of exposures and dangers. From his years of experience he has gained a deep understanding of people and what they go through in their everyday lives.  When you work all your life to save and grow a nest egg you want the best way to protect that nest egg so you can provide for those you chose, when you want, and how you want – while sidestepping probate, creditors, lawsuits and unexpected occurrences.

Working with other financial and legal professionals, Denny has developed strategies to create plans for your future to protect your income/assets/children/grandchildren and beyond, as you decide. Some people just need simple planning to help ensure that the only people/entities that get their hard-earned money when they pass away are the people/entities they chose; while others need more elaborate help to protect their assets and their families during their life, and thereafter.

Whatever the situation may be, Denny and his team are there to do what you need at a reasonable price. Denny has dedicated his life to helping his client’s meet their needs, whatever those needs happen to be.